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An Australian Leather Tool Belt Like No Other

Welcome to the home of Australia’s finest Leather Tool Belts. Each and every individual leather tool belt we make is hand crafted using the finest premium European leather. No mass production. No cheap materials. Just premium Australian handcrafted tool belts you will love.

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Tool Bags

Add Storage to your Tool Belt with a range of Tool Bags.


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Tool Holders to Create a belt that is unique to you


Leather Work Belts

Belts designs to carry your tools with Tool Holder & Bag attachments.

Delivering Australian Made Tool Belts Australia Wide

We specialise in Premium, Handcrafted Australian Leather Tool Belts for Australia. Our Tool Belts are used in the Construction, Trade and Mining Industries. Unlike other companies, our Tool Belts aren’t made by machines or mass produced in factories. With us you get the best.

So whatever you do, whether you’re a Electrician, Scaffolder,

Carpenter or Serious Home Handyman, you need a tool belt that works hard like you do. Contact Lloyd today to find out more or browse our shop and get your very own Tool Belt delivered to you wherever you are in Australia.

You can even build your own custom tool belt – visit our custom tool belt page.

Quality Tool Belts Made For Australians

When you get a Tool Belt made by All Tool Belts, you get something truly unique. You get the rare quality and finish that comes from a hand crafted belt made by a professional Leathersmith. You get a soft yet durable finish made from the finest European leather and a tool belt that is ready to work as hard as you.

When it comes to tool belts, there is no substitute for premium, hand crafted quality from alltoolbelts.com. You will be thankful you invested in a quality tool belt every time you go to work.

Who Uses Our Tool Belts?



Steel Fixers



Roof Carpenter

Home DIYer

Custom Solutions


How much is a tool belt?

A good tool belt can set you back anywhere from $50 to $250 or more, but it’s not just about the price when selecting a belt that works for you.

What makes a good tool belt?

The simple definition of the best tool belt is one that holds every tool you need it to. This varies for each individual no matter what type of work they do. Before choosing a tool belt you should try on as many as possible. Also, take an inventory of the tools you need it to hold to see if the belt can hold them. This list may include a framing hammer, tape measure, speed square, torpedo level, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, and more.

How do I care for my tool belt?

Care for your Tool Belt

Repair it as soon as you see any rips or tares. Store it in a cool, dry, elevated location. Removing all of the tools from it before you put it away is the best option. Failing that, at least take out the heaviest tools. No matter what belt you choose, take care of it and it will take care of you.

What makes a comfortable tool belt?

Tool Belt Comfort

Utility is one thing, but fit is another. How does the tool belt feel when you are wearing it? And How does it feel when it’s weighed down? If you can test the leather tool belt with tools you’ll have a much better real world comparison. Take note of chaffing or tools that hang too low or too high.

What is a quality of a tool belt?

Tool Belt Materials

Inspect the quality of the tool belt. Do the seams look straight and clean and are the pockets strong enough to withstand some abuse? Leather, canvas and nylon are popular materials. Although leather is the traditional material, the light weight and low cost of convas and nylon make them very appealing to DIYers and those who don’t need an ultra-durable belt.

The Buckle

Also look closely at the buckle mechanism and see If it looks like a possible failure point. If it looks weak then pass on it. You want a simple buckle that is easy to use but provides a sturdy clasp.

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