Terms & Conditions


* Quoted prices are in Australian Dollars, exclusive of GST.

**Quotes are only valid for a period of 30 days.

***Quotes will be charged at $30.00 per hour. This cost is redemable when a order is place.

Conditions of Sale:

* All items to be stamped ( name/initials ) will be paid in full before they are made.

**All items custom made will be paid in full before they are made.

***All previous orders must be paid for, before any new orders will be processed (made up)

90 days Warranty:

In the event of defect in material or workmanship being defected in this product, All Tool Belts

warrants to the original purchaser to repair or replace the product (at the discretion of ATB) at

no cost to the purchaser.This warranty does not apply where the product has been damaged

after sale to the original purchaser by incorrect or unreasonable use, negligence, modification

or by damage not related in materials or workmanship.This product is sold subject to all

warrants implied pursuant to the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 ( Commonweath ).


The manufacturer and seller assumes no responsibility or liability of any nature for injury

caused by this product to any person or persons or property of buyer, user, or other persons.

Belt sizes

Small : 30″ to 36″ waist (S) 76cm to 91cm

Medium : 36″ to 42″ waist (M) 91cm to 107cm

Large : 42″ to 48″ waist (L) 107cm to 122cm

Exlarge : 48″ to 54″ waist (XL) 122cm to 137cm

*Other sizes are available on request.

** NOTE:** these are waist measurement sizes, not pants sizes

Warning:All belts are not intended for back support or fall arrest