Kit Scaffolder’s 50mm twin tab belt, harness frogs with Klinch system & tools


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Items in the kit; 1 x 50mm twin tab buckle  belt,  1 x claw hammer frog, 1 x shifter frog, 1 x aluminium stabila level frog, 1 x nips frog, 1 x tape (10m)  frog, 1 x scaffolder’s ratchet frog, 1 x single key frog, 1 x gloves clip. All tools (7) are supplied with this kit & fitted with Klinch tool landyard system. Please note these frogs have been made to put on a safety harness belt, if required.
The leather frogs is made out of 3.8mm plus thickness & the belt is made out of 5mm plus leather, black colour Italian leather, which is one of the best leathers available. All frogs & belt are handmade & made to suit the tool that, they carry & made to  be durable. The frogs & belt are available in natural Italian leather also.
Kits are made to suit needs of the trades eg. scaffolder’s, rigger’s, steel fixer’s, etc

NOTE: Please give a measured waist size with the order, thanks. Refer to diagram above
PLEASE NOTE: A measured waist size is the only way that we can make sure the belt fits you. If pants size is used it can be out of true waist measurement. Eg. For a pants size 36” (93cm) can be out as far as 40” (100cm) in actual measured waist size.

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Weight 5.88 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 20 cm


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